Supernova Kristin - blue – HapaKristin
Do not show for a day
You're like a blackhole absorbing all my love

Supernova Kristin - blue

  • Type: 1 Month
  • Pieces: 2pcs / box
  • Dia(all): 13.3 mm (14.2mm)
  • B/C:8.7mm
  • Water: 48%
  • PC+Silicon Hydrogel

For those who are just inch perfect. Her persuit of perfection keeps you from finding any flaws. Her only flaw would be not having any?! Don't worry her loveliness can cover all of her flaws. This design is for those most perfect and more beautiful than any of the planets in the cosmos. Doesn't stick out too much, and yet gives you the looks you want.  

1 month
Vision Science
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