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Choosing Colored Contact Lens to Wear

Choosing Colored Contact Lens to Wear

Our eyes have the biggest significance to our appearance, even though they only take up a small part of our body. Colored contact lenses can not only be used to enhance your look, it also lets you express your emotions without using your lips - after all, our eyes speak louder than words.

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You might find yourself in a dilemma whenever you’re trying to decide on which colored contact lenses to wear. In this guide, we will help you to pick the color that best represents who you want to be today.

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Choosing by the occasion

If you want to choose colored contact lenses for daily wear, whether it’s to work or to school, it’s best to use monthly lenses since having to replace new ones regularly can be pretty costly.

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The main goal is to pick a pair of contact lens that looks natural on you but is still able to enhance your eyes and boost your confidence. Choose the color that is closest to your original eye color with a more see-through tint and smaller diameter.

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For casual occasions such as date night, shopping with your mom or brunch with your friends, go for a more vivid color that doesn’t change too much from original eye color. If you have dark eyes, you can go for colors like light brown and hazel.

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You can also go for other colors but choose a pair with a less opaque tint, so it doesn’t show up too much. This way you can still be in the center of the crowd without a dramatic effect.

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If you’re going for a dramatic change for a special occasion, try colors with a darker tint and larger diameter to completely change your eye color and give your eyes an enlarged effect. Shopaholic Kristin is great option for special events. Bright colors can bring your eyes out even more at the midnight!

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For the same effect with light eyes, choose a different color from your natural eye color with a lighter tint, for example gray if you have brown eyes. You will be able to enhance your natural eye by blending it with a hint of a different hue.

Choosing by your outfit

With colored contacts, your eyes can become one of the fashion accessories to match with your style. If you’re wearing a single-tone outfit, then it’s super simple, just put on the same colored contacts to complete your look!

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When in doubt, wear brown colored lenses as they are the most versatile among all and they can be easily styled with any piece of clothing you have in your wardrobe. If you want your eyes to dazzle more, hazel colored contacts also go great with most styles and tones. Both these colors look best when styled with warm tones or neutrals.

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If you’re wearing monochrome or cool-toned neutrals, complete your style with gray contact lenses. They also complement well with business casual outfits. Gray eyes give a strong and cold character, perfect for situations where you want to let everyone know you are the most powerful person in the room.

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Green eyes give off a magical, beautiful look. For outfits with earthy tones, green lenses are the perfect accessories. Green eyes also go well with black outfits, giving a mischievous and energetic character.

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If you’re feeling bold and creative, pair your colorful and bright outfit with violet colored contact lenses. Violet eyes show great confidence and can bring out the playful side of you. Vintage and classy outfits also go great with violet eyes if you’re going for a chic style.

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If you’re wearing cool tones or pink outfits, put on blue colored lenses to make your eyes stand out and be more expressive. You can also match your summer dresses with blue eyes for a soft touch.

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Choosing by skin tone and hair color

If you have fair skin, any colored contact lens would look great on you, especially bright colors such as light blue, green or violet, these can bring the spotlight to you.

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For medium skin, try darker colors like gray, brown, dark blue and dark green to make your eyes stand out.

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If you have dark skin, warm eye colors complement you skin the most, such as warm-toned brown and green.

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Different eye colors can have effects on different skin undertones. If you have cool skin tones, i.e. blue undertones, cool toned colored contact lenses complement your skin best, such as blue, violet or gray. For warm skin tones, warm toned colored lenses would be most appealing, such as brown, hazel or green with hints of yellow. If you have neutral skin tone, most eye colors would go great on you, so be adventurous and try out different colored contact lenses!


You can also choose your colored contact lenses based on your hair color. Blonde or light-colored hair can easily match with any eye color and they can make your eye color pop more, but they’re best paired with light colors like blue, green or violet.

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Brown hair also goes well with any eye color, but are especially stunning with brown, hazel and gray eyes.

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If you have red or any bright colored hair, try darker colored lenses like brown or gray if you don’t want to look too overwhelmed with many vivid colors on you.

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Black and dark hair match beautifully with green colored contacts, but it also goes well with brown and gray colors.

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This can be used as a guide to help you pick which colored contact lens to wear but there’s no right or wrong color for you so don’t be afraid to try out different colors and just have fun!