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Don’t know which lens to try for this month?


The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and there’s no better way to kick off a brand new month with a pair of new lenses.

hapahapaGlazed Kristin - Choco

Words are sometimes not even needed for conversations, conversing through eyes is more than enough. The magic these lenses will bring into every conversation says enough. Say no more, let your eyes do all the talking.

hapahapaSecretive Kristin - Brown

 Girls, girls, girls.

Take this month to really focus on yourself, on your needs, on your hobbies and on your wellbeing. It will not only boost your mentality, but also your confidence. Show them who you are!

hapahapaBorn To Be Kristin - Gray

Even when you have one of those days where you’re slightly under the weather, try to dress up and really take the time to make yourself look pretty. Do your hair, do your makeup or dress up, not for other people, but for you! These lenses will help you rock that confidence or give you that extra push that you need. 

hapahapaBorn To Be Kristin - Brown

A strong minded, independent woman is what we all hope to become. We start with growing and learning mentally, but after becoming more mature it also shows in the way we dress and carry ourselves. These lenses will complete that mature look, while giving your eyes a calm and lovely feeling at the same time. 

hapaBittersweet - Olive Brown

We love this sweetness so much, so we had to include another color to the lineup. These lenses will brighten up any bad day you’re having.The border design on these lenses will make your eyes stand out, radiating a confidence. Both vivid and natural at the same time.

hapahapaBittersweet Kristin - Amber Brown