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“Stunned by your eyes”

HapaKristin’s products are connected to daily emotions.
1. In love 2. Gloomy  3. Full of curiosity.
These more or less common emotions are expressed through our colors and patterns. If you are extremely nervous and excited to meet someone, the best way to convey the feelings will be through your eyes.

Who do you want to be today?
The messages that the eyes can send out can make you the main character of a tragedy or a comedy.
You can be whoever you want to be with HapaKristin’s lenses.
If you are a shy person and you have a big party to attend to tonight, it may be a good idea to wear 4. confident, provocative lenses. Who knows if an entirely new life is waiting upon you

Conversation through the eyes
Although the portion that our eyes take up in our body is very small, its presence is definitely not so. Nobody is attracted to a pretty nostril, but most are to pretty eyes.
You can speak to somebody without saying a word and just by gazing at them. You can exchange emotions through kisses, not with your lips but with your eyes.

*Lenses in the story 1. Love me Kristin - brown 2. Gray area Kristin – gray 3. Silly Kristin - gray 4. Ahhh! Kristin - violet