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Instruction for use

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  • Applied standards: Medical Device Act, Medical Device manufacturing and Quality Control Standards.

    Purpose of use

    It is a hydrophilic lens used directly on to the cornea. It is a daily-wearing soft contact lens worn only for daily active time for vision correction.

    Product Details

    • Power range: 0.00 ~ -8.00
    • Water containment: 95%
    • Visible light transmittance: 95%
    • UV transmittance: UV-A under 30%, UV-B under 5%

    How to use

    • Preparation before use
      • Read the instruction manual carefully or follow the instructions given by the ophthalmologist before wearing.
      • Wash your hands thoroughly before wearing and/or removing the lens.
      • Check for any damage on the lens.
      • Check to see if the lens is not inside out.
      • In case of eye disease or allergy, consult with an ophthalmologist before use.
      • Remember the exact power of each eye and check to see if the power of the lens matches.
      • Always have extra pair of lenses ready.
      • Check the expiration date of the lens.
    • When wearing
      • Rinse the lens thoroughly with saline solution or lens-preserved solution.
      • Place the lens on the index finger of the right hand, lower the bottom of your eyelid with your middle finger,
        and lift the upper eyelid with the index finger of the left hand to enlarge the eyes.
      • Look in the mirror and slowly move the lens close to the cornea. Be sure not to blink the eyes while doing so.
      • When the lens is correctly attached to the cornea, slowly move away your finger from your eyelids.
    • When removing
      • Look into the mirror to spot the location of the lens.
      • Lift your upper eyelid with your index finger of the left hand, and lower the bottom of your eyelid with the middle finger of the right hand.
        Grab the lower part of the lens with the index finger and the thumb of your right hand and pull the lens out from your eye.
      • If it is not easy to remove due to dryness of the eye, apply eyewash to the eye and remove the lens.
    • After use – 1 day lenses
      • Only use the lens once per day and throw it away.
    • After use – 1 month lenses
      • Washing of lens
        Place the lens on the palm of your hand and drop 2-3 drops of lens cleansing solution. Gently rub the lens with the fingertips on the other side.
        After washing, rinse thoroughly with saline solution or lens preserving solution and put the same solution in the lens case.
      • Keeping of lens
        Contact lens should be kept with preserving solutions.
        Use the appropriate solution for disinfection, rinsing, lubrication.
        Use saline, cleaner, preserving solutions only. Do not use tap water or other defective fluids.
        The lens case should be cleaned after wearing the lens and it is recommended to replace the case within two to three months.
        The lens case should be kept upside down for a certain amount of time after washing to keep it away from dust and remove any left over fluids.
        The lens should not touch the cap or be exposed to air and have to be completely immersed under the solution when kept inside the case in order to prevent deforms.

    Precautions on use

    • Avoid wearing contact lenses if you have eye diseases or severe allergies to contact lenses.
    • When wearing contact lenses, check for any kind of diseases for eyes and any other parts of your body and follow instructions from the ophthalmologist.
    • Contact lenses should be kept with preserving solutions.
    • Use the appropriate solution for disinfection, rinsing, lubrication.
    • In cases of severe pain, stop wearing the lenses and consult an ophthalmologist.
    • When eye vision is unstable while wearing lenses due to dryness, you can retain normal vision by adding eye wash and blinking your eyes afterwards.
    • If eyes become tired due to overwork, lack of sleep or excessive reading etc., remove the lenses and rest for a certain amount of time.
    • Use only proven products for cleansing the lens, and never use tap water or any other products for such purposes.
    • Keep the lens away from shampoo, soap, spray or any other makeup materials. Put on makeups after wearing lenses.
    • Be careful not to damage the lens with your fingernails.
    • Never wear lenses that are already used by other people.
    • If the lens gets damaged or discolored, do not use the lens and consult a specialist for further instructions.
    • Avoid wearing lenses if you are exposed easily to dust or metal materials for extended amount of time.
    • Do not sleep with the lenses on.
    • Do not wear lenses at swimming pools and/or saunas (public bath facilities).
    • Do not use water that is not sterilized for washing lenses.
    • Chemicals arousing from perming and dyeing hair may cause irritations and to the lenses Hair salons.
    • Never use lenses that are past their expiration dates.
    • Use the left and right lenses separately even if they are of the same power in case of infection.
    • Avoid wearing lenses for extended amount of time since it is harmful to the eyes.


    Store at room temperature (1°C ~ 35°C or 34°F ~ 95°F)

    Expiration date

    • 1 month: 5 years after manufactured date
    • 1 day: 7 years after manufactured date


    • DIA: radius of the graphics
    • BC: curvature radius

    * This product is a 'medical device' and read the Instruction of use carefully before wearing.