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Lenses for my birthday look

Lenses for my birthday look

Happy Birthday month!

Treat yourself with a new pair of lenses to finish your birthday look. Take the spotlight with these lenses or better said, take the spotlight everyday in June. These lenses will pop and brighten up your eyes adding in that sparkle.

hapahapaDewy Kristin - Brown

Choose a color or design you would usually not go for and let it surprise you. You can only celebrate your birthday once a year, but with these lenses you will feel like it’s your birthday every day.

hapahapaSugar High Kristin - Beige

These lenses suit every birthday party, whether it’s a small gathering with your loved ones or a big party with all your friends. This design has a darker ring around the lenses, making your eyes look glamorous while still maintaining that lovely allure. 

hapahapaSee Through Kristin - Olive Brown

These lenses are a show stopper! If you’re looking for lenses that will make your look complete, then look no further, these ones are perfect for that. The design on these lenses will make your eyes stand out.

hapahapa Wake Up Kristin - Pale Gray

Why not go for a color you wouldn’t normally go for? These pale gray lenses are perfect for that. If the gray color isn’t over the top and matches your natural eyes very well, especially for brown colored eyes. It’s only your birthday once a year, so why not spice it up with a different eye color as well.

hapahapaWake Up Kristin - Dawn Brown